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This bot only works at BetVoyager no zero roulette.  First sign up at BetVoyager casino by
clicking on the banner above.  Second enter your name and email in the form to get the bot.

3 Easy Steps!

Follow these simple instructions and you be up and running in 5 minutes.

1 Create a BetVoyager account.
2 Register, download, and install the bot.
3 Put in your settings and start winning!


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Dave M.
Jenny T.
Nathan R.
Andy L.
Wunited Kingdom
Rick T.

Customer Testimonials

Every month thousands of new people all over the world are using this bot and winning!

I have been using Roulette Bot Voyager for a month now and am very impressed with the results.  I made $2600 my first month using it!  Also I have had no problems making withdraws from BetVoyager Casino.  I made a donation to you for creating this free bot.   Thanks so much, cheers.

Jamie Booker - United Kingdom


A huge congrats to you for creating such an incredible roulette bot!  I am not a technical person at all so I was hesitant to try it at first.   I found it simple to use and easy to understand unlike other bots, it just works.  I made enough to take my girlfriends out for dinner the first time I used it.

Renee Moreau - France


About Roulette Bot Voyager
Roulette Bot Voyager uses the D'Alembert system created by Jean le Rond d'Alembert, a French mathematician from the 1700's.  The D'Alembert betting system is a 'negative progression system', and assumes that there will be an equal number of wins and losses on 'even money' bets.  If a bet wins, the system assumes that a loss is more likely on the next spin, so it makes a smaller bet.  When you lose a bet, the system predicts that another loss is less likely so it will increase your bet.  The flaw with this system is that roulette tables have a 0, or a 0 and a 00, decreasing your odds by 2.7% to 5.4%.  These house odds is what kills this system.  With the no zero roulette table at BetVoyager Casino you are getting true even odds taking away the house edge completely and making this system much better.

Since this is a free bot the technical support will be limited. Everything you need to know is covered in the tutorial video and manual.

Will this bot work for US players?
! BetVoyager Casino will accept players from the US.  If you ask them they will tell you that each individual player must abide the by rules of the country that they live in.  So it is an individual choice if you want to play or not.  I asked them if a US player can deposit, play, and withdraw from their site, and the answer was yes.

Will I get banned at BetVoyager for using a bot?
NO!  You will never get banned from BetVoyager casino for using this bot.  They are a “bot friendly” casino.  I have NEVER been refused a payout from this casino and I have been using bots there since 2009.  If you are not sure you can email them and ask them and they will verify that they are a “bot friendly” casino.

How to get the bot and use it.
First sign up for an account at BetVoyager casino by clicking on the banner below the video above.  Second enter your name and email in the form by the video above and go through the sign up, registration, and download process.  The zip file you download will contain the install file and manual.  I also recommend the you watch the 2 videos below for a video walk through of the sign up process and a tutorial on how to use the bot.

Why am I giving you this bot for free?
I have other bots that I sell and give away for free and I am building a brand and a loyal customer following.

Video resolution is best at full screen. Use the exspansion arrows in the
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